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About Marshfield Clinic Health System

​​​​​​​​​​​Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) is an integrated health system serving Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula with more than 12​​,000 employees including more than 1,600 providers comprising over 170 specialties, a health plan, and research and education programs. 

MCHS primary operations include: 


The Clinic was incorporated under Wiscon​sin law in 1916 and operates as a charitable corporation with all of its assets held in a charitable trust. It is one of only a few large independent nonprofit medical clinics in the United States. See the Marshfield Clinic history for more information.


The mission of the Clinic is to​ enrich lives ... through accessible, affordable compassionate health care.​​​​​ View our Mission, Vision and Values​ >

Marshfield Clinic Health System believes individuals have the right to their highest potential level of health and well-being. We will achieve this by advancing health equity with our patients, health plan members, employees and communities. View our Equity and Inclusion Statement here​.

Providers and staff

MCHS has more than 1,6​00 providers, and has more than 12,000 total employees.


Physicians and other medical professionals comprising over 170 specialties and subspecialties are available to patients. Examples of specialties include neuro-oncology, maternal-fetal medicine, pediatric orthopedic surgery and electrophysiology.

Marshfield Clinic System of Care

Marshfield Clinic Health System is an integrated health system whose mission is to enrich lives through accessible, affordable compassionate health care. The Health System serves Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula with more than 1,600 providers comprising 170 specialties, health plan, and research and education programs. Primary operations include more than 60 Marshfield Clinic locations, 11 hospitals, Marshfield Children's Hospital, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, Security Health Plan and Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation​

Outreach Network

More than 1,200 hospitals, clinics and other sites participate in a variety of Clinic outreach programs. Clinic physicians and staff provide off-site consultation in 52 specialties.

Dental​​ Services

The Clinic operates several dental clinics in northern, central and western Wisconsin. The dental clinics see more than 60,000 unique patients per year.


The Clinic had ​​3.2 million patient encounters ​​and reported approximately 310​,000 unique patients in the health system during this same period.

Community Health Needs Assessment Reports 

We are pleased to share the community health needs assessment and implementation strategy reports for the communities in which we serve. Learn more​.

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