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Commitment to the Community

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Marshfield Clinic Health System is actively taking steps to overcome our financial challenges and the obstacles of delivering rural health care. We have played a critical role in making our communities healthier for more than a century. And together, we will build a stronger and more resilient future for the next 100 years.

As a leading provider of rural health care across Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we owe it you and the communities we serve to continue to adapt and evolve to meet our patients’ needs. Our mission has always been to provide accessible and compassionate care to every individual in the communities we serve, and we remain unwavering in that commitment.

That includes continually evaluating opportunities for growth and sustainability so we can position ourselves to respond to the evolving needs of our patients today, and to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

We take seriously our responsibility in elevating the health and well-being of the communities we serve, and we will be there for the care of patients. We will continue to:

Thank you for the trust and faith you put in us every day. Our Health System and healthcare professionals remain steadfast in our dedication to your health and well-being, and a bright future is ahead.

Check back here for updated information as we continue to support our community.




What is Marshfield Clinic Health System’s vision for the future?

We are steadfast in our commitment to our mission to provide accessible and compassionate care to every individual in our communities. Our patients need us, and we will continue to elevate how we serve our communities by improving their experience and supporting their health. That means increasing access, reducing wait times and enhancing communication.

Is Marshfield Clinic Health System pursuing a partnership with another health system?

Continuous evaluation of opportunities is crucial to becoming stronger in an environment that is becoming increasingly difficult on rural healthcare systems. We are actively looking for ways to adapt to today’s difficult times and to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. That includes exploring partnerships with like-minded organizations. We are committed to keeping our teams and our communities informed as we continue to explore these options and chart our path forward.

Marshfield Clinic Health System has been in the news lately for reducing jobs and shifting services as a result of financial challenges. What steps is the health system taking to address these challenges?

The challenges we are facing aren’t unique as healthcare systems across the U.S. are seeing the cost for medicine, equipment and labor growing exponentially. To overcome, we must think differently to meet the evolving needs of the patients we serve. We provide care to patients in a service area that spans nearly 50,000 square miles. When you have such a wide geography, it’s imperative to identify ways to be more effective and efficient with resources, which includes transitioning services and staffing to areas where a larger spectrum of care exists, and in some cases discontinuing services that aren’t well utilized or when providers depart. We are confident that we will overcome these challenges and build a stronger and more resilient future for the organization and communities we serve.

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