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 Student Program FAQ

​​​​​​​​​​​​1. Does the clinic allow observation experiences and what is the process?

Yes. Individuals requesting an observation experience can visit our Observation webpage to access this information or contact one of the Division of Education coordinators directly. A minimum 30 days notice is required to confirm placement of observation experiences. Individuals in the interview process for clinic employment are not eligible to observe the position for which they are interviewing/placement.

2. Is housing provided for rotations at Marshfield Clinic Centers?

Marshfield Clinic offers housing to students in a credited clinical rotation confirmed by the Division of Education at select sites. Availability and rates may be obtained through working with a Student Programs education specialist.

3. Are learning opportunities available at all Marshfield Clinic Centers?

Learning opportunities are determined by request and based on availability at all Marshfield Clinic centers.

4. Can I arrange my own educational experience with Marshfield Clinic staff or physicians?

No. Marshfield Clinic has to protect its patients’ confidentiality and welfare and follow federal guidelines. Because of this, the Division of Education is responsible for coordinating any educational experience for students in the Marshfield Clinic. For more information, please contact a Division of Education program specialist.

5. If I attend a state school outside of Marshfield Clinic's service area​​, is there anything I need to know?

As a matter of public policy, many states have set limitations on the liability of state actors, including state colleges and universities, by enacting state tort claims statues. Marshfield Clinic requires all schools from which we accept students to agree to our contract language, and we will not limit the university'​​s liability to the extent permitted by their law.