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First in Central Wisconsin to offer minimally-invasive MitraClip valve procedure

​When open heart surgery is too risky, Marshfield Clinic cardiologists offer a less-invasive option for treatment of mitral valve regurgitation.  

The MitraClip is a small metal clip covered with a polyester fabric implanted on the mitral valve via the catheter. The MitraClip valve procedure accesses the mitral valve with a catheter that is guided through a vein in the leg to reach the heart.

Mitraclip vs. open heart surgical procedure

Open-heart surgery remains the gold standard to treat mitral valve regurgitation. However, for many patients their health makes surgery too risky.

A short hospital stay after the MitraClip procedure is much more manageable than open-heart surgery. Research by Abbott Vascular International, maker of MitraClip, has shown a reduced hospitalization rate for future heart failure.

MitraClip treats mitral regurgitation by clipping together a small area of the leaflets of the mitral valve. The valve continues to open and close on either side of the clip, allowing blood to flow on both sides of the clip while reducing the flow of blood in the wrong direction.

The Technology

With technology comes incredible advancements, and Transcatheter mitral valve repair is a great example of progress in the world of health care.

TMVr with MitraClip therapy delivers a treatment option for patients who would otherwise go untreated.

Our specialized cardiology providers work together to conduct the procedure. Our doctors use a special X-ray machine (fluoroscopy) and ultrasound machine (transesophageal echocardiogram) to see inside your body to guide the catheter during the procedure.

This innovation allows for shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery for patients.