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Cancer Research

​​​Our doctors and research scientists actively participate in cutting edge cancer research including life-saving clinical trials and research to improve cancer prevention, early detection, care delivery and patient outcomes.

Cancer research at Marshfield Clinic Health System dates back to the 1970s, and is conducted through our Marshfield Clinic Research Institute.

We have research staff located at each of our cancer centers to provide access to clinical trials. We also conduct research on cancer prevention and screening throughout our Health System.

By pioneering health care research, the Research Institute is discovering new knowledge and innovative approaches to better meet the needs of our patients and those patients around the world.

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Cancer clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies of promising new procedures and medications that must be proven to be effective and safe. A clinical trial typically compares a new treatment option against a standard, known therapy. Patients who consent to participate are usually chosen randomly to receive one treatment or the other.

We have access to more than 100 state of the art treatment, cancer control and precision oncology clinical trials at any of our cancer centers that offer treatments. Clinical trials for pediatric patients with cancer also are available. 

The Research Institute is an active partner with the National Cancer Institute funded Community Oncology Research Program. This program works with many research organizations and health care systems throughout the U.S. to bring the latest clinical trials to their patients.

Cancer prevention and screening

We actively participate in research projects that aim to improve cancer prevention and screening. This research is looking for ways to keep cancer from occurring or to find cancer sooner when it can be treated more effectively. Such studies often compare a new screening or prevention method to those methods used today, where participating patients are randomly chosen to receive one or the other. Other projects combine and study health data from large populations of patients in order to evaluate and improve upon existing prevention and screening methods

We work with research programs including the National Cancer Institute to bring this research to our patients. 

Cancer care delivery and epidemiology research

At the Research Institute, we also conduct research that aims to understand how best to deliver patient care. This is done to improve cancer patient experience, quality of life and survival. In addition, we conduct a variety of research projects examining signs of cancer and clinical, environmental and behavioral risk factors. 

Our doctors

Our doctors and research scientists also participate in studies of new medicines and develop their own research studies within the Research Institute. They also meet regularly to review all the latest research.