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Nasal and sinus disorders

​​It could be something as common as a sinus infection or something as complicated as a surgery on a nasal septal deformity. Our ENT physicians are dedicated to treating the sinus or nasal disorders you may have.

Sinus infections, polyps and nasal allergies

If you are experiencing a sinus infection or have noticed a soft growth on the lining of your nasal passage, we can help diagnose and treat your condition. Medications are usually prescribed for these types of nasal problems

While there are many options for sinus issues, our providers are dedicated to helping you identify the most effective treatment for your condition.

Sinus infection treatment tips

Nasal and sinus surgery

​You'll have access to some of Wisconsin's foremost experts on nasal and sinus surgery as a part of the team. Their expertise allows them to perform advanced surgeries such as:

  • Reconstruction of external nasal deformities, including those resulting from injuries or infections.
  • Internal nasal deformities such as nasal septal deformities or obstructions.
  • Removal of tumors such as polyps, cancers or pituitary gland tumors as a joint effort with neurosurgery.

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