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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The best cancer treatment often requires a team of specialists. Marshfield Clinic Cancer Care is your best choice because we offer more cancer specialties than most anyone in Wisconsin.​

Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery

Dermatology diagnoses and treats diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Dermatologists are trained to recognize and treat cancers in the earliest possible stage

Gynecologic Oncology

Gynecology​​​ treats the special medical needs of women. Gynecologic oncologists diagnose and treat cancers of the female reproductive system, including:

Head and Neck Oncology

Head and Neck Oncology is a group of medical specialties that diagnose and treat cancers of the head and neck area, including tumors in the:

  • Lip
  • Tongue
  • Inside lining of the mouth
  • Gums
  • Sinuses
  • Salivary glands
  • Upper and lower part of the throat
  • Nasal pathways
  • Voice box

Medical Genetics

Genetic testing​ can confirm a potential genetic diagnosis, or determine if a predisposing genetic alteration is present in an individual or family.

Genetic screening is a broad term for non-diagnostic testing that is population-focused, independent of family histories or symptoms

Genetic counseling includes:

  • Risk assessments to determine the need for genetic testing
  • Interpreting tests or screening results
  • Prediction of risk
  • Educating the patient and family

Medical genetics evaluation is a formal medical evaluation and diagnostic work-up performed by a trained clinical genetics specialist to determine or rule out a genetic diagnosis in an individual or family.

Medical Oncology / Hematology

Oncology is the concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of cancers.

Hematology​ is the study of blood related disorders which include cancer and non-cancerous conditions. These conditions include those that occur in the blood and lymph systems of the body, such as:

  • Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Acute leukemia​
  • Multiple myeloma


Neuro-Oncology​ treats cancers of the nervous system.

Orthopedic Oncology

Orthopedic oncology is a subspecialty field in Orthopedics that diagnoses and treats tumors of the musculoskeletal system. Specialists in Orthopedic oncology at Marshfield Clinic are fellowship trained, and include members of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society.

Orthopedic Oncologists at Marshfield Clinic treat:

  • Malignant primary bone tumors
  • Malignant soft tissue tumors
  • Benign bony tumors
  • Benign soft tissue tumors
  • Developmental conditions
  • Fractures caused by cancer

Pain Management

Our pain management team of specialized professionals in oncology, palliative care, anesthesiology and neurology assess and manage pain using a variety of treatment approaches.

Palliative Medicine

Palliative medicine is primarily for persons with advanced, progressive disease. The overall goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life. Palliative care is carried out by a multidisciplinary team including:

  • Your Primary physician
  • Palliative medicine physicians
  • Nursing
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Social Workers
  • Spiritual Counselors
  • Consulted support staff

​Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Marshfield Clinic Children's pediatric hematologists-oncologists​ treat childhood cancers and childhood blood disorders.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology is a team of professionals who use advanced radiation therapy to treat patients with cancer. The radiation oncology team includes:

  • Board certified radiation oncologists
  • Medical physicists
  • Dosimetrists
  • Radiation therapists
  • Registered nurses

Reconstruction and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons help restore the function, appearance, self-image and confidence of patients who suffer from deformities resulting from cancer or cancer surgery.

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery is a surgical team of orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who specialize in treating cancers of the spine.

Surgical Oncology

Surgery​ is used for several different purposes in cancer care. These purposes may include:

  • Obtaining tissue for diagnosis
  • Determining extent of disease (staging)
  • Cancer prevention
  • Removal of disease
  • Reconstruction
  • Medical device insertion

Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is the surgical treatment of cancers and diseases of the organs located in the chest.

Thrombosis Clinic

The thrombosis clinic provides consultative services to patients with blood disorders that may put them at risk of a blood clot.

Urologic Surgery

Urologists diagnose and treat cancers that involve the urinary tract, such as prostate and renal (kidney) cancers. They can also help with the evaluation and treatment of sexual health issues caused by cancer treatment. ​


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