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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Appointment Postponement

IMPORTANT: We are postponing certain, non-urgent appointments 

We are suspending all elective ambulatory and inpatient procedures, and most non-urgent ambulatory visits. Further information for pediatric patient is below. We are actively calling each patient who will be impacted by this change.

We are defining elective as any procedure that, if delayed 30 to 60 days, would not jeopardize a patient's health. Similarly, non-urgent ambulatory visits are those where delay would not negatively affect a patient's health, such as annual wellness/routine physical exams, follow-up visits for stable medical conditions and office procedures.

If you are a patient with an elective procedure coming up that is critical to your health and quality-of-life, we will still see you.

What we are trying to do is delay care for those patients whose health will not be negatively affected by postponing their appointment. This is so we can make sure we have the resources and staff we need to handle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and to limit potential exposure of staff and patients to coronavirus. 

This policy will stay in place until further notice.

Certain pediatric appointments to continue

We are suspending most well-child appointments for children older than 2 years, specialty care appointments and elective procedures. We are actively calling each patient who will be impacted by this change to reschedule their appointment.

We will continue to see children 2 years old or younger for their well-child visits, those that have urgent health concerns or procedures and those that need specialty care appointments that cannot wait. It is important that these children continue to receive life-saving immunizations and treatments during this time. If any of these patients have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, these appointments will be postponed for two weeks until their symptoms and illness resolve.

This policy will stay in place until further notice. 

Looking for more information on COVID-19?

The situation is changing daily, and we regularly update our COVID-19 web page with information and resources you need to protect you and your family.

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